Resourceful Materials
We chose materials that either have already beautifully aged over time or are about to do so. These include…
  • weather-hewn benches crafted out of reclaimed timbers originating from Shipyard Floating Dry Dock #2 pontoons in the Willamette River. These timbers had eventually made their way to a lumber salvager in Idaho. We brought them back home
  • reclaimed Jakarta wood at the lobby ceiling, fireplace, and coffee bar. These are a mix of dense hardwoods that arrive in Portland as trans‐pacific shipping crates carrying steel railroad track. The heavy cargoes and rough seas give every board a rustic look. You can see the long lengths of wood punctuated by vertical jet black lines where the rail sat on the crates
  • ipe decking at the covered outdoor patio in the courtyard. Ipe is an incredibly strong, dense wood, and its natural durability eliminates the need to be pressure-treated with toxins and chemicals used in some other decking products. The Ipe wood at Marvel 29 is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • doug fir, salvaged from the restaurant that previously stood on this site, transformed into a trellis at the rooftop terrace